Self Storage Near Elkins, AR and Greenland, AR

Do you live or work in Elkins, AR or Greenland, AR? Moving to or from the area? You might be looking for affordable, quality self storage options nearby. Allied Storage can help! Located just a short drive away in Fayetteville, our premier facility offers the amenities you need and want when you’re seeking some extra space to store your things. We’re just 15 minutes from Elkins, AR and only a 7 minute drive from Greenland, AR!

Our facility takes pride in our quality amenities, and our storage professionals are always eager to help you through the entire process, no matter where you live in the area. From temperature controlled, secure storage units to RV and boat parking to Penske truck rentals, we’re more than capable of making your moving and storage experience hassle free. We urge you to contact us so that we can help you get started on your next storage project!
Driving directions from Elkins, AR:
  • Head west on Church St toward N Center St
  • Turn right onto N Center St
  • Continue onto AR-16 W/E Huntsville for 7 miles
  • You’ve arrived at Allied Storage

Driving directions from Greenland, AR:
  • Head east on W Wilson St toward Caldwell St
  • Turn left onto N Main Ave
  • Continue onto S School Ave
  • Continue straight to stay on S School Ave
  • Continue straight to stay on S School Ave
  • Turn right onto W 15th St
  • You’ve arrived at Allied Storage